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MysteriesBooks is a personal collection of hard to find first editions, many of them signed by the author.  Use this site as a research and information tool. There are links to eBooks, all of which are verified and safe to use. Click on books/categories.

For many modern skeptics the world’s oldest writings, on clay, stone and papyrus, is simply myth. However, if we dismiss all of the ancient literature and inscriptions – the Bible, the Koran, the Mahabharata, and the thousands of clay tablets from Mesopotamia – as too incredible to believe, we would still have to deal with the question of the physical evidence.

In this space age, with it’s remarkable technological advances, it is becoming apparent that the “miracles”, and other seemingly supernatural events reported in ancient texts, the megalithic constructions, and the enigmatic lines and artwork over the Earth, resulted from an advanced technology which was incomprehensible and indescribable by the ancient human observers. On these book pages the accepted position is that there is a reasonable explanation for these mysteries.

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